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January 19, 2024

A Sicilian adventure to remember


Where can you find a wonderful combination of good food, great wine, historic architecture, and a unique yet authentic Italian experience? The answer is Sicily! The welcoming people and atmosphere just add to how wonderful it is there! Sicily may be relatively small, but there is SO much to see and do. So, it's important to have a great an itinerary to help you experience it all! Here is a peak at a great Sicilian adventure we put together!

(You can also read more about the area's major sights and traditions in our pervious blog post here!)palermo

Day one and two: Perfect Palermo

Sicily's capital Palermo is a perfect place to kickoff your trip! The city greets you with historic little streets, great markets, and fantastic food. From local sweets like cannoli and cassata to pasta norma and super fresh seafood, Palermo is the place to eat. Don’t forget the Arancini (rice balls)!

Palermo is also home to so many historic sites like Teatro Massimo. The architecture has neoclassical elements and is impressive from inside and outside. (A bonus for movie buffs: The last scene from Godfather III was filmed at the entrance of Teatro Massimo!) You'll also find the Cathedral, Royal Palace, and Catacombs.

Wake up refreshed and ready on day two for full-day tour with a private driver who will make sure you get your fill of Sicilian food and sights. 

Enjoy a visit at the Capo marketthe oldest in Palermo. Here, you will get to see and taste famous Palermo street food like “ panelle” (chickpea fritters) and  “crocchette" (potato croquettes).

Your driver will also take you to some of the major sites like the Norman section, Quattro Canti (the Four Corners of the City), and Palermo’s extravagant square. A short drive away is Monreale where you'll see the Cathedral and Cloister, with excellent insights into the many cultural influences throughout Sicily's history.

sicily pizza

Days three and four: Sipping and savoring through Sicily

Time to make our way to Agrigento, but not without a stop first at the Donnafugata Winery for a truly unique experience! A private tour will take you to the winery and vineyards where you'll get to taste some fantastic wines, olive oils, and other traditional Sicilian foods. You'll also get to spend time in the Donnafugata family's historic villa, an exclusive experience.

The next day, you'll be immersed in the slow-moving and traditional Sicilian lifestyle, alongside breathtaking views and truly authentic hospitality. Enjoy a relaxing walk through village streets, taste typical local specialties, and have genuine encounters with locals. 

You will learn to prepare pizza with a local family using local flour and ingredients.

Last but not least, you'll enjoy your lunch prepared by one of the local families, with dishes and products of the local tradition!


Day five and six: the historic wonders of Ragusa

Many people don't realize that Sicily was actually once a thriving Greek colony. You'll get a first-hand look at that history with a private tour of the Valley of the Temples, one of the most well-preserved Greek temples in the world. Your tour will also give you the private experience of a picnic in the park at the Diodoros Garden.

After a good night's rest, you can take a tour of many Baroque treasures in Ragusa from St. George's Gate to Cathedral Square and St. George's Church. Your guide will then take you to the countryside for a true culinary experience. You'll taste authentic cheeses, olive oils, and breads as you learn how to make Sicilian dishes using fine flours. Later, you'll cap off your day with a visit to Modica and its many dwellings and ancient caves. The culinary experience continues with a stop at Sicily's oldest confectionary to taste some of their latest sweet creations.ortigia

Day seven and eight: Marzamemi, Noto, and Siracusa

Start your day admiring the picturesque seaside village of Marzamemi. A private guide will then take you to the historic center of Noto. You can start at the main square and visit several palaces like Palazzo Ducezio, the Church of San Domenico, and the town's magnificent Cathedral. Top off your tour with Sicilian granita and fresh brioches at Caffe Sicilia.

The next day, head to one of the most beautiful cities, Ortigia, right in the heart of Siracusa. You'll find amazing temples, castles, and churches at every turn. Then, make your way to the market to taste fine cold cuts, cheeses, and other specialties at the iconic Salumeria.


Day nine and ten: Taormina and Mount Etna

The flowery streets and medieval castles make for a wonderful stroll through the hillside city of Taormina. Make sure to stop in at the many wonderful antique shops and restaurants. Enjoy a fresh granita as you take in the famous botanical gardens, before heading to the cannoli bar to learn all about (and of course taste) the Sicilian treat!

No trip to Sicily is complete without heading to Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe. A Jeep tour with your own nature guide will help you experience the breathtaking scenery and postcard views! You'll then get an exclusive encounter with an Etna shepherd to learn all about living at the foot of the massive volcano, from the nature to animals and food. Cap off your day with a winery tour and tasting and a look at the vineyards growing over lava stone.mt etna


Have a little more time? Make your way to Cefalu, a small village overlooking the sea. Cefalu is known for its diverse culture and attractions, from authentic Sicilian fashion to hiking, nature, the beach, and (of course) food!

Are you ready to experience Sicily OUR way?

The best way to enjoy the most relaxing and seamless luxury vacation to help you get the best, luxurious experience is to let us plan each step of the way. Start by CONTACTING us and let’s begin our discussions about what makes YOUR perfect luxury travel experience.


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