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August 17, 2023

Our Hearts are with Hawaii


What areas are impacted by the wildfires?
Lahaina on the west coast of the island has been hardest hit by the wildfires. Flames also spread to Kihei and the inland communities known as Upcountry. We typically book clients going to Maui in Kaanapali and Waimea and thankfully those areas were not damaged in the fires. However, right now all areas of Maui are pitching in to help those affected by offering resources and housing people and first responders and that is where their attention needs to be right now.


When will it be safe to travel to Maui? What about other islands in Hawaii?

Right now, we do not know how long it will take for Maui to recover and be able to welcome travelers again. However, when that time comes, we will be excited to send our clients there and offer our support because many people in the area rely on tourism for their livelihoods. The Governor has asked all non-essential travel to West Maui to stop through the end of the month. That timeline of course can change as leaders and first responders figure out the next steps for recovery.
As for the other islands of Hawaii, it is safe to travel right now and there are so many beautiful parts of the state to see and explore.
Would travel insurance cover something like this?

Travel insurance is so important in a situation like this. Anyone who planned to travel to West Maui is now dealing with flight cancellations, hotels closed to tourism, and all tourism coming to a halt as they help their neighbors. Many people could lose money they invested into their trip if they did not have travel insurance. However, we stress to our clients the importance of insurance for so many reasons. Life is unpredictable, and it is always a good idea to protect yourself and your vacation.
How can I help?

Right now, people in Maui need everything from shelter and food to clothes, baby items, and every other necessity.
You can help by donating to the Hawai'i Community Foundation. Every contribution large or small will make an impact!
(Please be careful donating on crowdsourcing sites and other organizations that you cannot verify where the money is going.)
When Maui opens up for travelers, they will be encouraging people to visit and help Maui restart its massive tourism industry.


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