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October 05, 2023

Luxury Travel Redefined in Greece

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Luxury travel in Greece looks different for everyone

Greece is such a beautiful country rich in history and culture spread through its main land and many islands. There are so many ways to experience it, too, depending on what you want to get out of the trip. From luxury accommodations with amazing views to one-of-a-kind stays that immerse you right into the culture. Working with a travel advisor who knows the area well can make sure you really get the unique experience you want. On a recent trip to Greece, I was once again reminded why I love helping clients figure out what luxury travel means to them and making happen!

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Luxury travel means one-in-a-lifetime culinary experiences

Culture is shared through a culinary journey. We enjoyed an amazing farm-to-table cooking experience guided by a Greek grandmother high in the mountains of Naxos on the family farm which dates back to the 16th century. We cooked an incredible authentic organic Greek meal over wood fire. The kitchen had no electricity, and yet was the most charming cooking experience I have had.  We indeed felt like one of her grandchildren as she encouraged us throughout the cooking experience with Bravo, a warm smile and a hug!  Cool note - watch Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown" for a glimpse of his thoughts about this cooking experience. In addition to this experience, we had some amazing culinary adventures in Santorini and learned that the Greeks are just as proud (and rightfully so) as our Cajun families of their cultural heritage and food is always a social event.  

Luxury travel means skipping the transportation terrors

Greece requires planes, trains, ferries and automobiles to island hop. There are many logistics to be considered when planning a vacation to Greece. While we were there, one of the ferries went on strike. The ferry was the only option at the last minute to get to our next island. Our Greece partners were able to quickly pivot and get tickets on another ferry so that our tours and experiences wouldn't be delayed by an entire day. Our favorite way to island hop is a private yacht and make a boat day of it. You can make your transfer day one of the most fun days of the trip! 

Luxury travel means making the experience all about YOU

The stunning beauty of Greece amazed me again as if it was my first visit. Your photos and memory cannot capture the true beauty of many parts of Greece. How does beauty speak to you? When our clients enlist our help for their Greece vacation, we have an in-depth conversation about their personal preferences and travel styles. It is so important to match travelers with the right island as beauty and luxury travel experience means something different to each of us. And where you stay matters. If the picture in your head is caldera views or the photos you have seen of Greece, it's important to relay what that looks like to your luxury travel advisor so that she can help you choose the right hotel for YOU.   


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The best way to enjoy the most relaxing and seamless luxury vacation to help you get the best, luxurious experience is to let us plan each step of the way. Start by CONTACTING us and let’s begin our discussions about what makes YOUR perfect luxury travel experience.


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