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February 15, 2021

Why February is a Great Time to Set Your Travel Resolutions


madeleine-ragsdale-iIs4_O1wQ-c-unsplashLet's all say this together!  Stand up and place your hand over your heart...

we resolve to...

- be a better global ambassador exhibiting the true spirit of America--not what is on TV.
- take any and all vacation time we've earned...and steal whatever extra days off we can (you deserve those extra travel days!)
- travel to someplace new once the world opens up (we're thinking later this year, 2021!)
- stop saying you've "done" a country, knowing deep down that we could never really know a country unless we lived there. (And I really think I need to KNOW Italy more, now more than ever.)
consciously unplug for longer and longer stretches when we travel.
see time off for travel as a right, not a luxury; so we can rest, recharge, rejuvenate and reignite our passions being more creative, loyal and productive employees.
- to
NOT do last minute "guilt" souvenir shopping at the airport shop on the way home.
jakob-owens-FKyHyNowp-4-unsplash- buy quality travel gear and take less of it
- learn something new in each place we go about the culture, language, cuisine, politics, history and religion.
- turn strangers on strange land into our forever friends and travel companions
not let technology get in the way of us meeting fellow travelers and indigenous people when travelling
Integrate travel more into our lives, as we have with a good diet, exercising regularly and sleeping right. Travel is good for us in so many ways, be it physically, mentally and spiritually
- be more patient
dealing with the trials and tribulations of traveling right now -- be they TSA lines, new Covid protocols, surly customer service airline reps, over-packed late flights, noisy hotel rooms, boorish fellow travelers or screaming babies.

alexandre-debieve-fLs_ecghKCA-unsplashIt's going to be a great YEAR! I look forward to working with you to plan some amazing trips for you and your family and friends!While you begin making your own travel resolutions we hope you find inspiration to get back out there to see the world in your perfect travel style! And when you’re ready to start planning travel again, please reach out to us! VIP Travel Experience is part of the Virtuoso luxury travel network and we have access to amenities that may not be available when booking direct. In addition you receive our personal travel concierge service from the planning travel stage until you unpack your bags when you return home. Your safety and comfort are always our top priority! We are constantly monitoring the COVID protocols and current travel restrictions. Let us take away all the stress of planning your next travel adventure.Email me and together we can create the best luxury vacation experience for YOU.  It's a big world out there -- we hope you EXPERIENCE it.

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