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June 10, 2021

5 Hacks For The Best Luxury Travel Experience

Travel is happening!!! And we are so excited to help our clients start planning their long awaited vacations they've been dying to take since before quarantine. Have you been dying to take a trip since the beginning of lock down? So many people are itching to get out and travel now that we're seeing more and more countries open up. Isn't that just the best news of 2021? It's the news that we ALL have been longing to hear for quite some time.chelsea-gates-0653_wY0nRc-unsplash

Now that travel is happening (almost) all around the world flights, resorts, tours, etc is in HIGH demand. That's why we came up with these top hacks to help you create your best luxury travel experience.

1. Global Entry – If you already have Global Entry than you know how incredible it is but if you're not sure what Global Entry is here's a quick run down. Global Entry gets you a fast pass through security, AND (the best part in my opinion) it fast tracks you through US Customs when returning home from international travel. Talk about AH-mazing!! The last thing you want to do after a long day of traveling is standing in the long line at customs. Even more bonuses - it comes with TSA precheck for all trips domestic and international. PRO TIP: Check with your credit card company they may reimburse you for Global Entry. Continue reading how we feel about Global Entry in our blog post on  Is Global Entry Really Worth It?


2. Hire a Travel Advisor – If this past year has taught travelers anything it would be the importance of travel advisors. Using a travel advisor doesn't only enhance your luxury travel experience but it gives you a major leg up on having to do a lot of research especially now with all the different restrictions, protocols, and regulations. This information is really hidden away and having to track all this stuff down is not easy (believe me, it takes hours because you need to get it right!). Another benefit to using a travel advisor is that the cost of using an advisor is exactly the same as if you were to book on your own.

Another perk, sometimes we have access to inventory that isn't listed online or even available to the general public. We have developed relationships with brands that can provide exclusive access to certain amenities and when using select luxury hotels we can offer the same or, most often, better value with added amenities like free a la carte breakfast, resort credit, complimentary upgrade when available, etc. We also are the ones monitoring flights for the best possible value for you and are continuously checking for rescheduling updates. 
These are just a few of the things that we can provide you as your concierge service for planning your luxury travel vacation. 


3. Travel With Another Couple or Couples - Traveling with another couple or multiple couples  saves you and your friends money. Think splitting costs of private tours, private drivers, etc. Sometimes getting private tours with a friends you are traveling with may cost the exact same as if you were traveling alone on public group tours all because you get to split the cost. So grab your closest friends or even just acquaintances with like interests and get traveling... Oh the memories you'll create are more incredible than just the money you'll be saving. 
4. Be Flexible With Your Dates - With flexibility comes more bang for your buck. If you aren't tied to the dates you selected then the more time you can shop around to get the best combination with flights, resort availability, and pricing. If you can be flexible than we highly recommend traveling in shoulder season of the destination you're looking to travel to. (Shoulder season is in between peak season and off season.)
eric-rothermel-FoKO4DpXamQ-unsplash5. Stop Price Checking Your Own Air - You're probably shaking your head, like what are they talking about? Why wouldn't I want to keep monitoring the price of flights? I'll tell you why it's more important than ever to leave it to the professionals, your luxury travel advisors, to check the price of your air. When you are checking different air prices you are inadvertently driving the cost up. That being said, as your private travel advisors we can check on the back end to avoid contributing to the supply and demand cost increase.

know the world of travel has changed pretty drastically so we hope these hacks for creating a luxury travel experience help give you some insight. If you're ready to have your luxury vacation redefined by VIP Travel Experience we are here to help you get started and give you even more luxury travel hacks. 
Email me at tammy@viptravelexperience.com to get in touch and get started.

It's a big world out there and we want you to experience it.
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