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August 02, 2022

8 Must Try Foods When Traveling To Australia

caleb-russell-JmuyB_LibRo-unsplashYou have probably seen an Outback steakhouse when you're out and about or had some shrimp on the barbie but nothing compares to tasting the melting pot fusion that is the cuisine in Australia. Australia is not necessarily know for their food scene but they do have some of the most iconic foods (no, not the bloomin' onion)!! Here are 8 iconic Australian foods that you must try when you're on your luxury VIP Travel Experience vacation to the land down under.

#1. Vegemite
It is probably no shocker that Vegemite makes the top of the list of Australia's most iconic foods. It is the most common "foreigners" discovery and typically not a tourists fan favorite. If you haven't heard of Vegemite than you must know it is dark brown paste composed of various vegetables, yeast extract, and spice additives. If it doesn't sound appetizing that's because it is not for everyone but it's one of those "when in Rome" situations. You can't go to Australia and not try it at least once!
most common foods to try when traveling to Australia

#2. Meat Pies
Get rid of that idea in your head of pie having to be sweet because this is not that kind of pie. The name says it all because this is just that, meat pie. Savoury pies are popular snacks on the go. Typically you'll find them stuffed with minced meat, gravy, mushrooms, onions, and cheese. Grab one on the go as you are headed out on your day's adventure during you luxury immersive travel experience.

#3. Pavlova
Pavlova is a meringue based cake with a layer of whipped cream and topped with fruit. Aussies have fought over who was the actual inventor of the Pavlova (it's origin is not known debated between Australia or New Zealand) but no matter who takes the fame it's a not so heavy dessert that is absolutely delicious.AdobeStock_299098133

#4. Witchetty Grub 
Talk about some very local tradition and native cuisine! Witchetty Grub are large white, wood-eating larvae. Sound appetizing? Don't let that description fool you these protein packed bugs taste quite like chicken but pack the punch in protein like a steak. Enjoy Witchetty Grub lightly roasted or raw and you will have tasted perhaps the most common item on an Aboriginal bush tucker menu.

#5. Kangaroo 
While you may be more inclined to take pictures of all the kangaroos you see, getting a taste of kangaroo in the form of a burger, steak, or sausage and you will be in for a delicious surprise. This lean red meat is great with a tasty marinade!

#6. Barramundi
You'll find it hard to go to a restaurant and not see Barramundi on at least one menu. Barramundi is an Asian sea-bass native to Australia and the Indo-Pacific. It quite literally translates as "large-scaled silverfish" and that is exactly what it is. More often than not you'll find it wrapped in paperbark, (native plant that gives off a smoky flavor) with lemon, herbs, and macadamia nuts for more flavor. Then thrown on the barbie! jojo-yuen-sharemyfoodd-7cLuzpmpGZo-unsplash#7. Lamingtons 
If you're into coconut then this is a treat for you! A square of sponge cake coated in chocolate sauce, sometimes even a raspberry sauce then rolled in coconut. Pair with a cup of tea in the afternoon and it's a nice little treat!

#8. Tim Tams 
If you're into kit-kats then you are going to love Tim Tams. These little chocolate biscuits consist of two malted biscuits separated by a hard chocolate cream filling and then coated in a layer of textured chocolate. Anyone backpacking through Australia must know, Tim Tams are a must!

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