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December 02, 2020

Best Reasons To Visit Monaco Beyond The Race


Beautiful Monaco is calling you to the legendary third race of the Triple Crown of Motorsport, the Monaco Grand Prix. Set along the historic streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine, this historic race has been known for its thrills and class since 1929, when William Grover Williams passed the finish line in his #12 dark green Bugatti Type 35 B. Since that first race, the Monaco Grand Prix has become known for its narrow streets, tight corners, and elevation shifts. It's also known for being a glamorous escape, where the classy and elegant meet to seek adventure during the hot days and excitement in the cool Monaco nights.

Some Sights Shouldn't Be Missed

When you find yourself in Monaco, you'll be in one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world. This means there a few sites you absolutely should not miss. Be sure to see the Carlo Casino and the Opera House. Also, you won’t want to miss the elegant Prince's Palace or the world-famous Oceanographic Museum.


So Much To Do

Monaco is filled with amazing activities. While the race is amazing, it also passes you by quickly, so you should have some other activities on your list as well. There are exciting casinos, beautiful churches like the St. Nicholas Cathedral, and all the beauty of the Mediterranean and surrounding countryside that have made Monaco a majestic destination for centuries.

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The Food Is To Die For

If it's cuisine you seek, you'll find none better than in Monaco. The French are known for their dedication to delicious and rich food. In Monaco they relish the opportunity. Establishments bursting with atmosphere, romance, and authenticity are all within a stroll of the majestic streets of the traditional Quartiers. Enjoy fine food and beautiful sights on the terrace of the Brasserie Restaurant at the Columbus Monte Carlo. Enjoy the panoramic view of the Le Grill De L'Hotel de Paris or the refined experience of the Le Vistamar Executive and its excellent selection of locally sourced seafood. Wherever you go, you'll find only the best in Monaco.


The Monaco Grand Prix is not only a race, but a destination. Hundreds of beautiful yachts carrying thousands of interesting, exciting, and beautiful people line the coast, offering a wonderful view of the race track where travelers can luxuriously relax, soaking up the magnificent Mediterranean climate.

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