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March 07, 2024

Celebrating milestones and making memories

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Have you ever been with a group of friends and someone mentions "We should all plan a trip together!" Everyone agrees with excitement and maybe you each throw out a great destination. Then, everyone continues on with their busy lives and that great trip idea never makes it out of that conversation. Here is your sign to revive that idea and make it happen! If you have a milestone birthday, anniversary, or other celebration coming up, what a great reason to celebrate while making lasting memories together!

There are so many great luxury destinations that make for an unforgettable milestone celebration trip! Here are a few ideas to get you started! All you have to do is set the date, pick the destination, and VIP Travel Experience can handle the rest!

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Island hop through Greece or Croatia on a private yacht

Imagine toasting at sunset from your private yacht while at sea with some of your favorite people. Explore the beautiful sights, rich culture, and amazing cuisine at each of the islands, while your private charter handles all of the navigating and logistics. Maybe even spend a day floating and relaxing on the beautiful blue waters or add in a little adventure with activities like snorkeling or other water sports. Yachting gives you a truly intimate and tailored experience! 

(Curious about Croatia as your nest destination? Read all about some of the incredible sights and luxury experiences in our blog post here!)

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Celebrate in your own villa in Tuscany or the Amalfi Coast

When it comes to planning a celebration trip (or any kind of trip really), Italy never disappoints! Fill your days with exclusive winery tours and tastings, private cooking classes making classic Italian dishes, or sailing around the stunning coastline. After a fun-filled day, head back to your private VIP Travel Experience vetted villa to make more great memories laughing and enjoying time together.


Walk on the wild side with an African safari

A milestone celebration is the perfect reason to take an incredible bucket list trip like this! Private reserves and luxury lodges are the best options for travelers looking for a more bespoke, high-end experience. See the incredible wildlife, feel on top of the world with stunning mountain-top views, or relax as you explore the many wineries just outside of Cape Town. It will surely be a trip you will never forget!

(Check out our blog post about some of our favorite luxury experiences in Africa!)

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Cruise through the French canals

Enjoy beautiful views sailing on a private barge throughout southern France while sipping wine on the deck lounge or relaxing in the outdoor jacuzzi. Culinary delicacies and fine wines served on board heighten the experience while cruising along the Rhone. From a sky-high getaway taking in breathtaking views from a hot air balloon to biking through lavender fields in Provence, there are so many opportunities along the way to make your trip truly magical!

Relax in luxury at an all-inclusive Caribbean resortMaybe its the warm sun or the crystal clear waters, but something about a luxury Caribbean getaway melts all your cares away! Take time to relax with a spa day, soak in the sun at the pool or beach, or add in a little adventure with water sports or exclusive tours of the area. A luxury all-inclusive resort gives you every opportunity for the perfect celebration getaway!

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The best way to enjoy the most relaxing and seamless luxury vacation to help you get the best, luxurious experience is to let us plan each step of the way. Start by CONTACTING us and let’s begin our discussions about what makes YOUR perfect luxury travel experience.


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