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January 26, 2024

Why we're captivated by Croatia

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From glittering waters and picturesque towns, to the delicious seafood and wine, ancient history, and the perfect swim, Croatia is a destination that offers one of the most incredible luxury vacations. 

There is so much to love about Croatia, and most pictures don't do its beauty true justice. While we could write a novel about the many things to see, do, and experience there, let's take a moment to share a little about some of the most popular spots to visit!

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Split is Croatia's second-largest city and boasts beautiful and historic sights. It is located in Dalmatia on the Adriatic Sea and carefully balances both past and present. You'll find many nods to its Roman Empire past, including Diocletian's Palace, but with many modern twists.

Old Split offers a glimpse into the rich history of the area with so much architectural charm. Not far away, natural beauty shines on Marjan Hill covered with pine trees and filled with breathtaking viewpoints.


Dubrovnik's medieval charm draws many people to the city on the Adriatic coast. It even became a main backdrop for the popular show Game of Thrones.

A highlight for many who visit is a stroll along the city walls in Old Town. You'll find sweeping panoramic views all along the walls that stretch a little over a mile.

The "Pearl of the Adriatic," as some call it, became an important Mediterranean sea power in the 13th century. An earthquake nearly destroyed the city in 1667, but Dubrovnik managed to still preserve much of its historic churches, monasteries, and fountains. It was again heavily damaged in the 1990s by an armed conflict, but much of the historic charm has since been recovered and rebuilt.


The island of Hvar is the queen of the Croatian Dalmatian islands. Its fame goes back to antique times because of its important strategic and nautical position, rich history and culture, and natural landmarks. Thanks to warm winters and pleasant summers, Hvar gets many guests, scientists and travelers coming to its shores who are attracted by its dense Mediterranean flora, rich traditions, beautiful architecture, and lively nightlife. 

Hvar island is famous for it wines and you can take an amazing wine tour through the island or explore famous old town with Fortica castle above it.

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The untamed island of Mljet is one of Croatia’s best loved islands and a paradise for anyone looking to get away from it all. A third of the northwestern part of Mljet island is a national park, featuring two inland lakes and miles of cycling and hiking trails. 

There are few residents, no large towns, and only one major road that runs from north to south through the wooded landscape of pines, oak trees and macchia. Mljet is the most thickly forested island in the Adriatic. Lying off the coast of the Peljesac peninsula, Mljet is an easy day trip from Dubrovnik during the summer when ferries are frequent and easily accessible for an overnight stay year round. While on the Mljet, you may choose to walk through National Park or you can explore it by bike.

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So as you can see, whether you want adventure, history, or a great culinary experience, Croatia has so much to offer (and then some)! If you're interest is peaked and want to learn even more, check out a sneak peak of an itinerary we created for a great Croatian experience in one of of previous blog posts (here)!

Are you ready to be just as captivated by Croatia as we are?!

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