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December 07, 2020

Tahiti & Bora Bora Bound


A trip to Bora Bora and the Tahiti Islands is your first class ticket into discovering and exploring a new and colorful world of its own. Plush green mountains crystal clear lagoons will be waiting for you in this picture perfect paradise. Tahiti and Bora Bora are renowned as a honeymooners' and lovers' heaven on Earth. Every island in Tahiti offers a multitude of activities and endless possibilities: a dive in Rangiroa, a hike in Moorea, an unbelievable encounter with manta rays in Bora Bora, swim in Tahiti's cascades, or even a chance to enjoy the authentic Polynesian culture in Raiatea. A vacation to Bora Bora and Tahiti is a one of kind experience, a tropical paradise and unique discovery which you can only understand while there.  It was really hard for me to choose just one bungalow picture to share with you from my trip.


The feeling of going down these steps into the most amazing waters...I toured many over the water bungalows while there and quickly realized there are many differences in resorts and even the range of bungalows at any one resort.

For being such quaint places Bora Bora and Tahiti offers endless adventures abound...

  • Underwater cycling on aqua bikes. Perched a white seat, you descend slowly as the hydraulic platform of the pontoon boat you ride out to the spot lowers us into the waves - the warm, tropical waters gradually creeping up to your bikini tops. Once in the water, spot the coral gardens looming ahead - tree-like elk horn corals and cauliflower corals, dappled by shafts of sunlight piercing through the blue. Your guides, point out a starfish 30 centimeters (1 foot) in diameter, a parrot fish hovering over an undulating welcome mat of hot-pink anemone, and what looks suspiciously like a shark shooting out from under a craggy outcrop and disappearing into the murk.
  • Aqua safari via helmet dive. This enterprise involves donning a cubed yellow-and-white helmet that keeps your head completely dry as you descend a ladder to the sandy ocean floor. Feet clad in rubbery boots, walk in slow motion through craggy outcrops of coral and lengths of seaweed fluttering in the currents, feeling like a puppet as you carefully lift one foot and then the other, hands buoyed and bobbing at waist level.
  • Snorkeling in Bora Bora's coral reefs. Bora Bora's famed coral reef, which encircles the island and is accessible within 15 minutes by speedboat, has some of the best snorkeling in the world. Home to approximately 700 species of tropical fish, Coral Garden was our first stop, followed by a few other choice locations known to the crew. Slipping into the water, our guide coaxes curious moray eels from their hiding places and points out the distinctive diamond shapes of manta and eagle rays gliding through the blue. I could not believe how much I enjoyed this!
  • Island cruises and fresh seafood. Learn that Bora Bora's outer ring of reef and motu (small reef islets) makes its calm lagoon waters ideal for exploration by kayak or paddle board, and private boat tours abound. You can book a 23-foot Jeanneau Cap Camarat motorboat, a trimaran, a catamaran, a pontoon boat or an aluminum Quintrex boat perfect for a small group, and most excursions include a picnic on a private beach.  Of everything we did in Bora Bora, Tahiti and Tikehau, chartering a small yacht for the day was my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing we did.  We were treated to the most relaxing day I could ever imagine, our hosts were incredible, they served BBQ fish, caught fresh from the boat and grilled.  They sang the sweetest tunes and danced to show their gratitude to us for visiting their homeland.  The French Polynesians were the most humble, gracious hosts I think I have ever met.
  • Swimming with sharks. Saving the biggest thrill for last. Adventurous streak notwithstanding, you get the willies at the idea of being a few meters away from sharks, then you can opt for a purely observational excursion. Even so, there’s something about dipping into cooler, deeper water and being surrounded by dozens of  sleek rays and the sharks.  As I took a deep breath and slipped in this FREAKED me out, but I did it--conquer your fears right?  I was definitely making sure I saw the black tipped tail, but it was absolutely exhilarating!!! 

For those not looking for a boost of adrenaline, but instead a stress relieving and relaxing sun bath on the deck of your over the water bungalow then Bora Bora and Tahiti are still just as perfect for you!


Visiting the destination first hand was an incredible blessing and I am so grateful to our Polynesia experts for sharing so many incredible  once in a lifetime experiences.  If Bora Bora is on your bucket list, please give us a call.

If you're ready to start planning a Tahiti, Bora Bora, or any French Polynesia vacation of a lifetime let us know! We would love to help you plan an effortless trip that will give you memories to last forever.

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