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September 15, 2022

The Ultimate Alaska Packing List

AdobeStock_329033209Is Alaska one of your bucket list destinations for a luxury travel experience? If not, then it 100% should be. Chances are if you've done your google research on Alaska then you might have found yourself getting caught up in the beauty of pictures that you stumbled across in the process - I know I have...multiple times!! Not only is it the most versatile destination (there's something for EVERYONE) but it also brings you closer to unparalleled access to ice and wildlife.
Everyone knows you can cruise Alaska and that really is a fabulous experience, if you've gone then you know. However, did you know you can fly to Alaska and experience where the ships can't go by spending 10+ days exploring by planes, trains and automobiles into the hidden gems of Alaska. With so much to see and do it can be hard to know just exactly what to pack. Don't worry we've got you covered. First up: clothing!

If when you think of Alaska you instantly think of cold weather, you are not alone. 
While it's not freezing cold all year (thank goodness) it can vary from warm to cold on a daily or even hourly basis. That's why it’s important your clothing choices include layers. Layers for warmth or easily removable for when the heat strikes!

Short sleeves & long sleeves
- Vest
- Lightweight jacket
- Waterproof rain jacket
- Base layers
- Scarf, hats, gloves
- Comfortable pants
- Sweaters
- Swimsuit
- Evening chic clothes
- Wool socks
- Waterproof shoes/boots
Now that you've dug through your closet it's time to think about all the other items you might need on your luxury Alaska vacation...
- Camera
- Binoculars - trust us on this one, there's so much to see near & far!!
- Waterproof bag
- Sunscreen - believe it or not you will be glad you have this!
- Insect Repellant
- Backpack
- Chargers + outlet adapters with USB ports
- Water bottle

Then there is of course the miscellaneous items you won't want to miss such as:- Toiletries
- Ear plugs
- Headphones
- Travel document holder
- Wallet
- Magazine/books/e-readerAdobeStock_286207652

Alaska is a great destination to visit many times throughout the year but some clients find the most confusing times of the year to pack for to be between June-August. Here are our VIP Travel Experience top tips for how to plan for your Alaska vacation setting sail in the summer months:

June - the long daylight hours and the low chance of rain make for 18 to 20 hours of daylight (hence the sunscreen) and average temperatures varying from 40 degrees to mid 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
Tip: Bring polarized sunglasses and a good sleep mask!

July - Enjoy the warmest temperatures when going on your Alaska cruise in July.
Tip: Be sure to pack a mix of short and long-sleeved shirts with some waterproof pants and shorts, in case you get extra sunny and warm days during your trip.

August the chance of rain goes up to 50% in August, aka you can expect to encounter a fair amount of showers during your journey but don't let that stir you away because the sights are just as spectacular. 
Tip: Remember to pack your rain jacket and all waterproof gear so you can enjoy your tours no matter the rain!


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