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November 30, 2020

VIP Essential Travel Tips


Our passion of travel at VIP Travel Experience is all about exploring the destinations as opposed to seeing just the iconic Instagram spots. Connecting with the locals has enriched many of our travels more than I could ever explain. And it is one of my deepest desires to share these opportunities with you as well as give you some of your own. I do realize that this may not be everyone’s cup of tea and that is completely fine, we are happy to plan your itinerary to include all those Instagram spots, after all, it is YOUR vacation!

As we continue to travel, study, and meet with travel experts around the world so we can stay up to date on everything travel. We work with local experts around the globe and have personal connections in so many different destinations so we can offer the best experiences for YOU. That's why it is our mission to make your travel as seamless and pleasurable as possible so you can have the most luxurious experience, and not just another trip!


One of our specialities is Luxury Travel Redefined. You don't have to sacrifice luxury in order to enjoy an immersive travel experience. Immersive traveling may inspire your family and future generations as it leaves a part of you and they in you. Learning and appreciating our differences and similarities halfway across the world is eye opening! Our neighbors near and far around the globe are simply amazing. That's why we believe it is important to take the time to not only see the destinations, but to benefit the locals and their communities we treasure. Traveling to destinations and getting to immerse yourselves in these kinds of experiences is so meaningful not only to the local communities but to our kids and future generation who will treasure the same opportunities.


Some ways we love to travel include leaving it better than when we came. Here are our 4 tips on how we can make a difference through travel.

Pack for a Purpose: We bring a backpack filled with school supplies when traveling to the Caribbean islands to support education for those in need. Pack for a Purpose, a non profit organization that has organized a list of needs by country.

Eat, Sleep and Shop Locally. Pack a few reusable bags and visit the outdoor food markets. This can be a great opportunity to eat and shop where the locals do, leading to great conversations (sometimes with sign language, but most know a little English. Staying at a local hotel vs. chain hotel allows you to experience your “home away from home” in the destinations you are exploring. Travel allows us to experience, firsthand, destinations as defined by the people that reside there.

Try to learn a few phrases in the local language before or during your visit. The locals may laugh, but are deeply endeared that you care enough to try to connect with them. It also brings us closer together as a society when we try to be united in this simple way. Plus you may walk away with some new friends from across the globe!


Walking tours vs. big bus tours: Exploring the city by foot will allow you to enjoy the outdoors at a slower pace, to see a few off the beaten path sites, and avoid adding additional traffic to their communities. We'll pair you with a local guide if you wish to get a try native experience of your destination.

If you're ready to start planning a getaway the VIP Travel way we would love to connect! Let's plan a trip that checks all the boxes to make it a dream to remember. Click the button below to get started planning your dream vacation with the VIP Travel Experience touch.

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