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March 15, 2024

Your VIP Guide to the Galapagos


Some destinations boast beautiful architecture, others offer breathtaking landscapes and rich history spanning over different rulers or empires. In the Galapogos, it is the lack of human development and vast variety of wildlife and plants that take centerstage. Largely undeveloped, the Galapagos give travelers a truly immersive experience into the habitat of fascinating creatures like massive tortoises, waved albatross, and sea lions. It is no wonder why Charles Darwin found so much to explore here as he came up with his theory of evolution in the 1830s.

A luxury cruise is a great way to explore the most popular of the 19 islands that make up the archipelago. 


Española is the oldest island in the Galapagos and home to an abundance of wildlife. At Suarez Point, visitors are often greeted by a colony of sea lions. This area is also home to nearly the entire world population of Waved Albatross. They are known to be graceful in the air, but many people are surprised to see their clumsy behavior on land. A cliffside hike leads to a natural lava fissure that spews water like a towering geyser.

Floreana was the first capital of the Galapagos. It's small lagoon is often home to flamingos, stilts, and white-cheeked pintail ducks, and one of its beaches is a highly used nesting site for sea turtles. A must-see is Post Office Bay, home to the island chain's first post office site, originally established by visiting whalers in the 18th century.


Made up of five volcanoes, Isabela is the largest island in the Galapagos and the most recently active. The latest eruption happened in 2015. You'll see all kinds of wildlife here like large land iguanas, finches, and some giant tortoises. The intrusion of magma below one of the island’s volcanoes in the 1950s caused part of the bay to be uplifted several feet, and today visitors can walk through the remains of what was once a thriving underwater reef.

Punta Espinosa is the sole tourist site on Fernandina Island. Here, you'll find the most pristine and active volcano in the Galapagos as well as mangroves, lava formations, and colorful lava cactus, one of the first species able to grow on young lava. Marine iguanas, penguins, pelicans, and sea lions are also commonly found here.


Puerto Ayora is home to the Galapagos National Park, the Darwin Foundation, and the Charles Darwin Research Station. On the southern shore of Santa Cruz, it's the most populous town and most developed area in the Galapagos. A popular experience here is a walk through the tortoise-breeding center and  the Charles Darwin Research Station.


These are just a few of the hightlights you'll find while exploring the Galapagos. If you're looking to add a little more adveture to your journey, take a dive into the beautiful blue waters and swim among fascinating and colorful tropical fish. You can also take adventure-filled hikes for some truly incredible views.

You can also bookend your trip in Ecuador, where you can take a private tour of the capital Quito. You can stand right on the equatorial line at the Half of the World Park and Museum!

If you're ready to explore the impressive wildlife and nature of the Galapagos, VIP Travel Experience can make it happen!


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